In 2006 I received the vision of The Hourglass, and on June 7th 2010 God provided the opportunity to establish the ministry Men of The Hourglass. The upper part of the hourglass represents Sin, and the lower part Grace. It is at any given hour that we can find our way to understanding the path we are on, and the changes we need to make to become that new man. Our ministry is designed to help men come to a weekly meeting where full transparency is encouraged in a non-judgmental, safe atmosphere, where we love and mentor each other. Proverbs 27:17


~ Mike Elias


Marcus Kanahele's dream was always to serve and reach the hearts of men. To raise his family in a godly atmosphere for generations to come so they could be blessed with God's Grace. Marcus led the charge in many occasions and walked, rode and drove the miles to help the MOTH. He served in all capacities to help make a difference in all the men's lives. Marcus passed January 14th, 2013. He will forever be missed! Aloha my brother.
Love & Prayers,

~ Marcus Kanahele - Co-Founder
Palm Beach Gardens


Men of the Hour has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Many of us young men growing up these days don't understand what it means to be responsible men, men of godly character which leads to us missing God’s blessing for our families and those we can ultimately be a blessing to. Having men of God to look up to, learn with about what it means to be a good father to my future child, a good husband, a leader, has been a priceless blessing. There is a generation of young men out there lost without direction, who doesn't know about the purpose and blessing God has for their lives. I was one of them but God reached me through this ministry. I’m excited for a chance to pass this blessing to others out there who need to hear from God, so they can be restored the blessing and joy that comes with purposed life walking in Christ.

Andre Massena
West Palm Beach


Men of the Hour Glass Tuesday evenings was the beginning for me. These nights are a chance for me to learn more about the Word and build my relationship with GOD. The relationships with all the Men was slow but I knew surely we were going to form by attending each night. It really wasn't until this time during the weekend retreat (Wild at Heart) that bonds were ultimately formed and relationships strengthen in a way that would take months from our one day a week group. I am so grateful for that. The most important process in me that took place was when I asked, the Men to pray over me the first night. There was a section in the workbook and through Mike's discussion that I needed help to open my heart. It worked, I even cried which I do not do too often (at all in fact). Letting go and opening up is difficult for me. It would not have been possible for me to even ask which I did for them to pray over me if it wasn't for each of the Men during times on Tuesday nights and the first night of the retreat opening themselves up. Each Man that spoke and opened up through GOD gave me the confidence and helped improved my relationship with Him. Mike is a great leader, his leadership and persistency got me back in and now locked. Thank you Men of the Hour Glass.

~ Eric Hirschkorn
Palm Beach Gardens


Wild at Heart
“For me this retreat was impactful in many ways. Just getting away from life’s demands and routine and simply spending time in God’s word and fellowshipping with brothers focusing on the Wild at Heart message was truly rewarding. The study material, workbook and activities really allows each one to open up and adventure into building and strengthening relationships with your brothers and most importantly with the Lord. Overall this has been a blessing to me and I am looking forward to next year’s WAH retreat”.

~ Karl Lindner
Palm Beach Gardens


Wild at Heart
It was a great experience fellowshipping with the other men and getting closer to God. The whole weekend you could feel the hand of God touching each of our hearts and each of the situations. It was a weekend of unity, testimonies, and love wrapping around the whole group of men. Some of us were looking for answers, some of us were looking to get closer to God in a way we never did before. At the end, I feel that everything we were looking for, was given to us. Everything was falling in to place like if God himself had planed the retreat for us. I thank God for having a true leader like Mike.

​~ Yousef Piroozgar


Wild at Heart
Wow. What an experience! If you really want to dig deep and find out what your made of and what made you the way you are, go away with the Men Of The Hourglass and get away for three days with God. This is a life changing experience one that every man needs to take on. You will never be the same and for most of us that is a very good thing! Hope to see you on the next Wild Adventure!

​~ Douglas Mollo
West Palm Beach


Wild at Heart
Attending Wild at Heart has helped find that wound that has been keeping me from moving froward. It was a great experience with all the men during the retreat. Men of the Hourglass is helping me through the Holy Spirit how to be a godly man, husband, and future father. The Bible studies and testimonies from other men has helped me to stay on track with my relationship with the Lord. Each time I fellowship with these men I am blessed and encouraged. Thank you Men of the Hourglass. Let's continue to fight the good fight!

​In Christ,
Evans Jean
West Palm Beach


MOTH is unlike any organization or group I've ever been a part of and has changed my life in ways I could have never have imagined. What makes MOTH special are the people and the leadership. These are godly men thirsty to dive deeper in the Word, walk more steadfast in the Light and be disciples that would make even Christ sit up and take notice. MOTH is a totally God-inspired group of men who are full of love, compassion and acceptance. I consider them all my Brothers.

​~ Michael Altshuler
Palm Beach Gardens


My husband at his AD1 graduation (and Joseph's one year anniversary in MOTH) approaches I wanted to express my gratitude to the MOTH for the transformation I have seen in my husband and it's impact on our marriage. I have the prince I long dreamt of since I was a little girl…the man of my dreams. It hasn’t always been that way and I have been far from the “princess” he deserves. He attended the Wild at Heart Men’s Retreat in November 2012. This gathering was the single event that transformed my husband into the man that my family and I know today. It was such a short amount of time that he was away, only part of a weekend, but it had a deep impact in my husband’s character. This past year, Joseph has been learning how to be a Godly husband and it has impacted me. I aspire to be a Godly wife…for him. I see him so differently now. The words I would use to describe him would be a devoted, trusting, strong, genuine, caring, thoughtful, joyful and loving husband. He is the father to our children that I always wanted, but never had myself. Dennis Rainey, President and CEO of FamilyLife, summed up the role of a husband in a marriage by stating “To be a leader, a lover, and a servant is to accommodate your life to the life of the gift God has given you—your wife. Give up your life for hers and, at the Judgment Seat of Christ, He will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." Joseph embodies this ideal thanks to our church and the Men of the Hourglass. I am forever grateful to them for the transformation I have seen in my husband and the marriage we possess today. I am excited to see what the future holds for us and our family

Ashley Salvatore (Joseph Salvatore's wife)

Matthew 7:13-14
“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.
But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it. "